Good sites have good content

And good content is what you will find on this site, very soon.

Some of the articles you can expect to see include:

  • Understanding Depth-of-Field Markings on a Manual Lens
  • Focus Stacking 101
  • Tips for better HDR photography
  • Comparison article: Adobe Lightroom vs Capture One Pro
  • Comparison article for modern HDR photography tools: Aurora HDR vs Photomatix Pro vs. Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom HDR, vs. Affinity Photo HDR.
  • Use of HDR digital photography techniques and software to digitize analog (film) images with better highlight and shadow detail; with no scanner required!
  • Gear reviews for some of the rather non-conventional tools I use and like
  • Use of older manual 35mm SLR lenses on modern Sony A7-series cameras
    (I personally shoot almost exclusively with Carl Zeiss manual-focus primes made for Contax SLRs).
  • Writing plugins for Adobe Lightroom
  • WordPress technologies used on this site

Look forward to real good content, coming soon… I promise.