Stock photos, Photography, Plugins, and Articles by Lowell Montgomery

This site features photography, photographic art, and stock photos by Lowell Montgomery. That’s me and I love photography. When I’m not post-processing images in Lightroom, writing Lightroom plugins, or working on Web development/design projects, you’ll usually find me with a camera.

I shoot a range of topics of interest: nature and the environment, scenic landscapes, gardens, agriculture, heirloom livestock, sustainability, architecture (“green buildings” and alternative structures, cob buildings, straw-bale construction), and renewable energy production. I also frequently do portraits of people and animals and illustrate and write on topics involving natural health and medicine, pregnancy, couples and children, flowers and plants, vegetables and plant cultivation, farms and farming, animals, husbandry, livestock, gardens and gardening, cooking and food preparation, food, herbs, spices, street photography and abstract photographic art, productivity, personal and team improvement, Scrum, and what it means to be a good Web content strategist.

High Dynamic Resolution (HDR) for Stunning Stock Photos

I’m a big fan of judiciously-done HDR — while I sometimes like the typical “HDR look” with surreal “grunge” effects, it’s rarely what I aim to produce, myself. I use HDR to “see more” in the shadows and highlights, i.e. simply to extend the camera’s native dynamic range. I also love the extra detail that I can achieve using HDR techniques.

My first use of HDR actually dates back to my use of film, when I bought Silverfast HDR. This specialized scanner software allowed me to obtain greater dynamic range from my Nikon film scanner. A high-end drum scanner could have delivered better results, but they cost as much as a nice car. The Silverfast HDR software helped me obtain better dynamic range with the equipment I had. It’s the same reason I use HDR post-processing to group a set of “bracketed” RAW files today.

Use of my photos or work for hire

If you’d like, most of my work can be licensed for use or printed to order. If you contact me, I may also be available for certain photographic assignments. I do a small product, food, and location photography as well as portraiture and a photo session is normally a part of my process when I build websites for local businesses or do work for them as a content strategist or agile/Scrum consultant. My photos will lend a unique look to your new website.

Image of loupe on light table, reviewing stock photos of the Sächsische Schweiz in Germany.
Reviewing slides of the Sächsische Schweiz (a 12-shot focus stack). Created with a legacy 35mm Zeiss macro lens mounted on a modern Sony A7R mirrorless body. I combined the component images using Helicon Focus.

Shooting with Modern Sony Cameras with Legacy Contax/Zeiss Glass

My work has a “legacy look” since I mostly shoot using the same Contax/Zeiss lenses I used back in the days of film, just now mounted on modern Sony mirrorless digital cameras. Shooting with these old manual-focus lenses slows things down a bit; but the results, I hope you’ll agree, are still as excellent as ever.